Acupuncture for Animals (and People)

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Here's what current and recent clients are saying...

I highly recommend acupuncture and the expertise of Susaanti.  My 19 year old cat Rum Tum, who was diagnosed with kidney failure, was able to enjoy a better quality of life for the last 6 months of his life.  He was using his litter box again and no longer having "accidents" all over the house.  He was going outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  I am experiencing improved health and I am also more balanced emotionally.  My cat Boo is more confident and her chronic eye condition is slowly improving.  Susaanti is a very conscientious, professional, caring person.  My cats and I have greatly benefitted from her treatments and from knowing her.




…my sessions with Susaanti have consistently left me feeling calmer, happier, and more in balance than when I walked in.  She also offers helpful suggestions for maintaining and encouraging these positive states in the world outside …   Her bedside manner is kind, considerate, attentive, and gentle.   She is very good about explaining what she is doing and why…  She is also an excellent listener, allowing me ample time and space to express my thoughts, feelings, and concerns…




When I first met Susaanti, it was at my Pets On Wheels annual pot luck dinner.  I had received a flyer about the dinner and a guest speaker, who would be talking about animal acupuncture and my first reaction honestly was, "well, I really don't need to know about that."  And then 2 days before the dinner, my dog injured her leg while hiking.  I quickly had a change of mind and went to the dinner and now I feel so fortunate to have met Susaanti.  My dog could not even walk for 3 days and was unable to even relieve herself. I am grateful to Susaanti because she rescued my dog from needless and expensive surgery.  I had taken my dog to 3 orthopedic specialists and 2 general vets and all I can say is the only thing that they all agreed on was that they all thought that my dog would benefit from acupuncture treatments!  My dog always happily and affectionately greeted Susaanti and was fully cooperative with her treatments. I think this was my dog’s way of agreeing with me and saying that Susaanti is a truly skilled and caring practitioner.






M. Susaanti Follingstad, M.Ac., L.Ac., Certified Animal Acupuncturist * Rockville, MD 20851 * 301-251-0139